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Relaxed Quick Intro

I'm Andy, a physicist turned data scientist and machine learning engineer with interests across science and data. I’m particularly keen to help people understand what is possible with data and help them realise value from it. I am passionate about learning fun stuff and sharking knowledge, so let's hope this site can help a little bit to do that!

I went to uni in Glasgow and London (M.Sci Theoretical Physics, Glasgow, MSc Theory and Simulation of Materials and PhD in Physics, Imperial College London) but for the past few years I've been enjoying applying my problem solving skills to the world of business back here in Scotland.

I've done other fun stuff like:

  • I'm currently a co-host on the AI Right? podcast.
  • I wrote a book on machine learning engineering.
  • I've presented at international tech conferences on machine learning.
  • I've been on lots of podcasts as a guest, and on a few blogs (you'll see this dotted throughout this site).
  • I was once a part-time science consultant for a show on the Discovery Channel.
  • I've written for student science magazines during my PhD.

You can see my full employment history on LinkedIn and some code I’ve written on GitHub.

This site will be somewhere that I unceremoniously dump my ideas, thoughts and useful resources on machine learning, business, anything else that takes my fancy. Hopefully there's something in there of use to a lot of you.

Hope you enjoy the site!

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