Just Build It! Tips for Making ML Engineering and MLOps Real - MLOps Community Talk

Last night I spoke at the MLOps Community meetup on 'Just Build It! Tips for Making ML Engineering and MLOps Real', where I shared some thoughts and ideas around 'bootstrapping' your capability as an ML team.

In particular I spoke about some of the initial topics you could consider building into your projects so that you gradually increase the sophistication of your ML solutions.

Slides are on GitHub.

Video link will appear here soon:


Hope you enjoy!

DecisionForest Appearance!

I was super excited to be invited onto the DecisionForest show run by the excellent (and extremely nice) Radu Fotolescu.

We chatted about the book, about my experience of financial services, some of the main challenges I think teams trying to work on MLEng and MLOps face. We also discussed some wider points about ML, technology and ways of working.

Was a really fun chat and would really encourage you to check out the DecisionForest show - there are some amazing guests on there so I felt very humbled to be asked on by Radu!

A whirlwind tour of Machine Learning Engineering

In May last year (2021) I spoke at DATA:Scotland's Scottish Summer 2021. I have a brief view of the main topics I think are important to consider in machine learning teams (some overlap with some of my other recent talks, in particular 'The 4P's ...' talk.


Insight Through Innovation Talk

In August I spoke at an MBN Data Technology meetup event on 'Insight Through Innovation: Delivering Scalable Data Products Through The Latest Cloud Tech'.

My section focussed on how to use Databricks and surrounding technologies on the cloud to deliver machine learning services that are robust and drive value day in and day out.

Data Science Conference Europe 2020

In November 2020 I spoke at Data Science Conference Europe. I spoke about working in extended and multi-faceted data teams and using modern data platforms and technologies to deliver value for your organisation.

The conference didn't share videos of the talks publicly but I was featured by the conference on LinkedIn.

Embedding Insight Through Prediction Driven Logistics - Data AI Summit Talk - Nov 2020

Bit of a golden oldie here from Nov 2020! Do you even remember what life was like pre-pandemic? This was the talk I gave with Helena on our work at Aggreko with prediction driven logistics. Essentially all about how we were building models to perform regression on fuel levels and maintenance issues.

Some super cool stuff and a big profile event which was great!

Speaker blurb from the conference.

Hope you enjoy!