Nice feedback on the book!

I've been really delighted to see such positive feedback on the book. When I got the thing published I was just glad it was going to be out there in the world and was going to act as a good go-to for my usual thought processes on building ML solutions. I didn't ever anticipate it would get such good reviews and endorsements!

Some of my favourites are given below:

Editorial Reviews

"ML Ops is one of the hottest topics in analytics and data science at the moment. This book does a great job of providing a useful overview of the subject and really practical examples of how to do it in anger. If you are a data scientist or want to be one you should buy this book and read it before your next interview or big team meeting." -- Zachary Anderson, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NatWest Group

"If you want to know how to take ML from applying the theory to actually doing it for real this book provides an excellent roadmap. For industry practitioners, this is going to become a required text and for academics like myself, this provides a detailed overview of the extra bits that we need to get students to consider in our courses. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!" -- Gordon Morrison, Professor of Data Science and Head of Computing Department at Glasgow Caledonian University

The third editorial review is Vincent Boucher's one given above.

The Book

If these reviews make you feel like you might want to check out the book, then please do at the following sites!